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Cast Coatings, Inc.                                                      
 Call us at: 269-545-8373
Liquid, Powder Coat & Dip Finishing for   Industrial, Commercial and Custom Jobs
Finishing Items as Small as "Nuts & Bolts" to "Big & Heavy" Items up to 10 Tons.  
Every Size.  Every Color.  Your "One Stop" Solution.
Featuring 6 Production Lines, 10 Spray Booths and much more...
6 Production Lines          - 1 for powder, 1 that is capable of both powder & liquid, 
                                             and 4 for liquid spraying and dipping.  
10 Spray Booths             -  2 for powder and 8 for liquid.
Pretreatment Systems    - Iron Phosphate & Zirconium Phosphate pretreatments.
Value Added Services    - Custom Tooling, Custom Masking, Packaging, Shipping,                                                         Strategic Alliances with E-Coaters, Sand Blasters & Shot                                                         Blasters.

Size Capacity
Powder Size Capacity     - up to 54"W x 90"H x 30'L weighing up to 2,000 lbs.
Liquid Size Capacity       - up to 10 tons and sized to be legally transported on a double                                                 drop semi trailer. 

Run Types
We offer Batch, Production & Prototype Runs to our Industrial, Foundry and Commercial customers.  We also offer Short, Midsize and Custom Runs that require extra care or demanding specifications.  Our facility allows us to complete samples, and small runs, in time frames that meet the most demanding schedule.  With a wide variety of colors in stock, we can satisfy even the shortest of lead times.  Anything from textures to exotic coatings to smooth to gloss to matte finishes, we can coat them all!  

Pick Up & Delivery Services
​Established in Galien, MI close to I-94 (appropriately nicknamed "Main Street USA") Cast Coatings is centrally located in what is known as "Michigan's Great Southwest".  We are truly blessed to be located so close to Lake Michigan.  This central location allows us to offer pick up & delivery services within a four state area - MI, IN, IL & WI.  But that four state area doesn't limit us!  We have national & international customers and arrange pick-up & delivery with commercial freight lines as well.  Trailer spotting is also available.

The Cast Coatings facility is known for it's versatile capabilities.  We can powder, liquid coat & dip items as small as "nuts & bolts" as well as "big & heavy" items up to 10 tons.  We apply liquid and powder with a variety of methods, to a variety of different surfaces.

We take special care to understand the unique needs of our customers to produce  finishes that exceed expectations. 
The combination of MULTIPLE production lines, paint booths, application methods & pretreating capabilities allows for MAXIMUM flexibility, cost effective services, and FAST lead times.