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Cast Coatings, Inc.                                                      
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Liquid, Powder Coat & Dip Finishing for   Industrial, Commercial and Custom Jobs
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Powder Coating
Powder coating is by far one of the best coatings available today.  It is environmentally friendly, workplace safe, provides a durable finish and superior corrosion resistance.  The colors & textures are endless and can be applied to many metal surfaces from steel to iron to sensitive medical equipment.  We have the capacity to coat very large and very small items to specification.  We have the coatings to meet ALL your needs.  

Liquid Spraying & Dipping
Iron Phosphate
In-House & Value Added Services

Why waste time and money?  
Let us be your one stop solution.  

We are constantly improving the value of single sourcing your products with us.  

This cuts your costs and alows direct shipments to your customers, nationwide or globally.  

We take pride in our quality services.  If you would like more information, please contact us.
High quality Liquid Spraying & Dipping is available to meet your demands.  We can apply all types of liquid finishes to many metal surfaces and plastic.  Both solvent and waterborne coatings are available in unlimited colors and are offered in both smooth and textured finishes.  From large to small items, from production runs to custom work, we will work closely with you to ensure that we meet your exact specifications.   

Cast Coatings can meet  industrial, commercial or custom pretreatment cleaning specifications with our iron phosphate system.  We prep difficult parts.  Clean etched parts mean excellent adhesion. 
Phosphate Pretreatment 
Cast Coatings can meet industrial, commercial or custom pretreatment cleaning specifications with our zirconium phosphate system.    

Parts Cleaning
Burn Off Oven         Paint Removal Stripping
Our Parts Cleaner thoroughly washes water soluble oils off of your valuable parts. 
Cast Coatings can strip old paint or powder using our burn-off oven.  
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Custom Masking
We have an in-house masking department to handle all types of masking to specification for both liquid and powder coating up to 600 degrees in our large ovens.  Let us use our expertise to develop masking solutions for you.  From hand masking to custom fabricated tools, we make sure critical tolerances are preserved.   

Custom Tooling
Have an odd shaped part?  Custom plugs or caps can be molded in almost any shape or size.    
Special Packaging
Our dedicated workers can do your packaging of parts right as they come off of the line.  No need to transport them to a separate packaging facility.    
Pick Up & Delivery
We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ON TIME delivery!  The advantage of having our own truck is that we can be flexible with the timing and location of pick-up & deliveries.  Cast Coatings has a 53' enclosed trailer that can haul 40,000 lbs and operates within a four state area - MI, IN, IL & WI.  A double drop flat bed trailer is also available.  We can also arrange for commercial freight lines as requested.  Trailer spotting can also be accomadated.